Quantitative Adaptive Reverse Momentum Algorithms


Qarma is not just another ‘Quant’. It is a platform designed to generate systemic alpha with lower volatility.

Qarma Portfolios can be customized for different investment objectives and asset classes.

Qarma Portfolio Engine generates extensive testing, providing a real-time view, not only a back test, before deployment to the market.

About Us

Qarma Technology Inc – Over the last 10 years, Qarma has developed a proprietary, systematic approach to stock selection and portfolio construction that is solely focused on stock price movement, with the aim of delivering meaningful risk-adjusted returns. Qarma launched its first live portfolio in 2021.

A traditional stock market analyst’s goal is to determine where a company’s stock price is going. Unfortunately, a stock price’s movement can be entirely uncorrelated to a company’s real financial viability or success over periods of time. Qarma’s algorithms look at price movement through a prism – price movement is viewed as a multi-dimensional spectrum which identifies reversal in price momentum signals.

Qarma Technology Inc offers automated portfolio solutions by creating customized investment portfolios that can use a broad range of listed financial instruments across global markets. We work with our clients to identify a suitable investment universe, and risk parameters, to meet their requirements. Model portfolios are constructed using our proprietary algorithm suite and our Qarma Portfolio Engine.

Qarma Technology Inc is a investment management subsidiary of Qarma Software Services Ltd in the UK. We are registered with the SEC as a regulated investment advisor in the US.

Qarma Technology and Strategy

Deeper Resonance, Adaptive, Automated, Bespoke

The Qarma Portfolio Engine has been developed as a systematic platform identifying alpha opportunities in stocks, ETFs and other listed assets for institutional or professional investors. When combined with Qarma algorithms, the Qarma Portfolio Engine identifies relative strength of price movement across a given investment universe or asset class. It uses those proprietary reverse momentum indicators (triggering buy or sell signals) to construct and manage model portfolios. Portfolio holdings are determined by these buy and sell signals alone.

Our algorithms seek to discern real price movements, not the usual trading fluctuations that occur in the market from robo-traders or one-off block trades. We believe that viewing price through a multi-dimensional spectrum is superior to the more traditional methods of analysis such as the use of long-term moving averages and similar technical indicators or other quantitative overlays.

Qarma can design portfolios to be higher alpha-seeking or, more defensive, according to a client’s risk-reward objectives. Model portfolios can be long-only or long-short – allowing us to provide investment solutions to the broader professional investment community.

This application is flexible and adaptable, it learns and reacts to changing market conditions. Rigorous testing takes place before practice – clients are able to monitor real-time portfolio simulations ahead of deploying Qarma-driven strategies to market. The platform is highly scalable and can currently manage many separate portfolios, with different underlying assets, risk tolerance and investment horizons.

Our Strategy

A Qarma driven strategy can replace the need to hire expensive portfolio manager and analyst teams, whilst still seeking to deliver meaningful risk-adjusted returns. Importantly, every portfolio created for our clients is bespoke, tailored to their requirements. Further, Qarma’s output – model portfolios and buy, sell, or hold signals – does not encourage high-frequency trading, accordingly, trading costs are kept lower.

Powered by the Qarma Portfolio Engine, the algorithmic engine, our strategies have been tested over a variety of investment cycles. Qarma empowers our clients with a robust investment process – seeking meaningful returns, managing risk-reward profiles, and offering breadth and scale across different investment objectives.


Qarma Algorithms – Deeper Resonance

  • Identify a broader spectrum of price movement – measuring phase and resonance
  • Adapt to prevailing market conditions
  • Clients can build bespoke portfolios based on strength of buy, hold, and sell instructions – Qarma Signals and Actions, for many different investment objectives

Qarma Portfolio EngineTailored Portfolios

  • Multi-asset – listed securities
  • Tailoring – positions, investment universe
  • Risk triggers
  • Automated, repeatable
  • Portable philosophy and process
  • Long-only, long-short

Qarma TrendsHeartbeat of the Market

  • Reference indexes
  • Bespoke investment universe
  • Daily trends – strength and weakness
  • Reverse momentum indicator

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